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People are moving across the world due to advanced commute facilities and declining cost of air transport. In the western world the cost of medical and paramedical care is ever increasing and patients find it difficult to afford. This global scenario has given birth to the concept of dental tourism. It is nothing but moving to a different country to avail for dental treatment having better facilities and lower cost of treatment.

Why is India a blooming centre for dental tourism?

Access to quality dental care: India with its large pool of highly qualified, skilled dental professionals is a hub for a multitude of dental services. The dental equipment, the materials and the techniques used are of global standards. Latest treatments including veneers, laminates, gingival surgeries and implants are now widely practised in India.

Rapport with patients: Doctors and the paramedical staff in India are fluent with English language. This makes even the foreign patients have a good comfort level with the doctors.

Reasonable cost: Quality of dental services is coupled with affordable costs. Cost of dental treatment is almost 1/10th of the cost of services in western countries.

Less waiting time: dental hospitals are now easy to access through websites and emails. You can pre-book your appointment from abroad and long waiting periods can be avoided. Moreover, India has a huge dental manpower which can cater to urgent needs of foreign patients. You may also call up your acquaintances or travel agents to book an appointment for you.

Improved sterilization techniques: The sterilization protocol followed in Indian clinics matches the international standards and treatments are carried out under strict microbial check.

Lower cost of medication: The cost of medicines in India is less due to strong pharmacological sector which is gaining world recognition due to no import duty. The cost of drug development is also lower due to strong software support.

Low labour cost: The amount spent on procuring the paramedics and other secretarial staff is less due to readily available manpower.

Centre for Tourism: And lastly you can pair up your visit with a vacation or a business trip which will make it economical. India is an attraction to contemporary tourism. It is one of the oldest civilizations with numerous historical places.

Hyderabad is one such Indian city known for its rich cultural heritage. It has various tourist attractions like forts, temples, historical buildings and the film city. Along with cultural integrity, it promises excellent urban facilities. It has a web of roads which easily help you commute through the city and a range of five-star luxury hotels that can make your stay comfortable.

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