To serve you even better, we have acquired lot more sophisticated equipments including intraoral camera and imaging system wherein all your records will be stored in nice pictorial format, and you will immediately get to see your before and after treatment pictures for better understanding of problem and satisfaction from the treatment. Following are the state of the art dental equipments with us:

Fully automatic computerized comfortable dental chair and unit.


Intraoral xray machine


RVG (Digital Radiography) – With least radiation dosages and Instant X-ray images.


Intraoral camera for image recording and easy patient education.


Ultrasonic scaler for fast and easy teeth cleaning.


Air abration unit for faster and effective stain( nicotune and tobacco) removal.


Light curing unit for tooth coloured composite fillings and dentin bonding.


Rotary endodontic system for faster  and easier root canal treatments


Autoclave , hot air oven, ultrasonic bath for complete disinfection and sterilization.


electrocautery for painless, faster surgeries and bleeding control

Benefits to you for undergoing dental treatment at our clinic:

Time saving : As you are aware , dental treatment is highly time consuming and waiting period is more at any dentists clinic. Our dental treatment clinic was started with a busy executive in mind and the treatment is scheduled to minimize the wastage of time.

Emphasis on early detection of dental problem , which in certain cases can prevent surgery and extensive treatment procedures.


counseling and guidance rather than merely providing treatment. Warm , courteous and helpful  staff trained to provide better service.